For over 15 years, TETON Sports has built high quality sporting goods for our community, that we have enjoyed together. 

Now, in this crazy time, we have turned our manufacturing and sourcing teams loose solving the problem of respirator and mask shortages.


We are now providing access to quality, fairly priced, respirators and face masks to professionals and providers.

Helping our community’s healthcare professionals and pandemic service providers get the protective masks they need is now our priority.


Thanks for your support and friendship over the years; now let’s beat this thing together!

N95/KN95 Respirators and 3-Ply face masks
and pandemic service providers

We have focused on the highest shortage segment of the respirator and face mask category.
For now, we have executed on N95/KN95 Respirators and 3-Ply Type I, and Type II Face Masks.
These seem to be the area of greatest need, and they also match up with our manufacturing and sourcing experience and contacts.
And, our reps visit each factory to test for quality during the manufacturing process to ensure proper execution with each batch.
We are doing our best to provide high quality product, fast delivery, and free shipping. All at the lowest price possible.

Many of our friends and neighbors work at these facilities and are often unable to get the respirators and protective masks they need and deserve!

These are the unsung heroes. These are the folks going to work anyways, so we can stay home and stay safe.

respirators & masks

Free Shipping and Quick delivery

State of the art U.S. Respirator – NIOSH Certified and approved by the FDA for use during this pandemic.

N95 Equivalent, FDA/CDC Acceptable – KN95 Respirator Mask; CE Certified, Anti-Dust Mask; Adjustable Fit; Disposable

3-Ply Disposable Face Mask, BFE 95% Type I; CE Certified, Anti-Dust Mask

3-Ply Disposable Face Mask, BFE 98% Type II; CE Certified, Anti-Dust Mask

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At the heart of the matter, when you strip away the fluff, TETON Sports is here to help—help all kinds of people from different backgrounds get outdoors and enjoy life.
And, for the next few months, if you need a mask in order to do just that, we are here for you!